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File Room

There's a room on the top floor that is referred to as "The File Room". Whenever the nurses or management or whoever has filled up a box with "files" someone takes the box up to the file room and "files" it, which quite literally consists of tossing the box into a huge pile of boxes piled up like a bonfire. It's a regular size room they quit having people occupy because of some kind of water damage. So now it's packed to the gills with boxes in a humongous pile.
I went up there one day to throw something on the pile and the door wouldn't open because of some sort of pile-avalanche blockage. I decided it was time to do something about the file room. I began by tossing file boxes to the outer edges of the room. To my dismay the pile was also full of broken glass. I deduced the glass to be from some framed prints someone threw on the pile and eventually got smashed. After removing several small shards of glass from my hands I decided to forget about salvaging the file room, hooked up a tv, sat on the pile and watched Mission Impossible II.
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