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Yesterday I got fired because of some language barrier problem, but I will go into that after a few more stories.
1. A new woman who moved in needed some repairs in her room and made a work order that said "drain clogged". so I got the Drano and went up to her room. She is a Mexican lady, hard to tell her age. She said she drinks 3 gallons of water a day. Only Ozarka Water. I would guess around 70. She was telling me the maintenance-type problems she was having, which were numerous. she proceed to tell me about her life in Austin from the 50's on up. About how she bought a corvette in the late 50's when they first came out and beat guys with soupedup cars in street races and how she was hit by a drunk driver in the 90's and it ruined her life and so on and so on. I barely said a word and when she asked me a question it was very direct and she would just start talking about something regarding that which related to her. I was in this room listening to this woman talk for 3 hours. Many many times after the first hour I made vain attempts to leave but got sucked back into her weird conversation. I finally left and told her I would come back with tools etc. When I came back she was perfectly silent. did not speak a word.
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