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There Will Be Blood

Tonight I watched "There Will be Blood" directed by PT Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis. I have a terrible headache so this may be a short review. I've been drinking this Bacardi "razz" rum and it's been giving me the worst headaches. It tastes good though. I kept getting like hot-flashes or something while watching this movie. Not like menopause hot-flashes. I am a man. I've heard about male-menopause but I think it's suppose to happen later in life. Besides, male-menopause seems like bullshit. I don't know why I didn't see this movie when it came out. Maybe because everybody was like "bla bla bla best movie ever bla bla bla daniel day-lewis' mustache, etc". I think some important details got edited out of this movie. and the part where Daniels' "son" shoots off that shotgun like 4 times then grabs the barrel without getting burned. That's not how guns work. The barrel gets very very hot, for christsake. This was a good movie. My headache went away.
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