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Drag Me to Hell

I usually go to the movies alone. I read an article in college about how increasing use of home video media has made the act of attending a theatrical showing of a movie into a different experience. People have become conditioned to feel as though they are alone in their homes with their friends or loved ones resulting in the creation of a more comfortable environment where the viewer feels entirely comfortable expressing their opinions of the movie out loud in a normal speaking tone of voice. Since I read this I have become hyper-aware of this kind of behavior during movies. Audiences in Austin are better than audiences in the Metroplex. A friend and I went to see Candyman when it came out. We decided to go to a theater downtown. The audience was so wild that a verbal fight broke out amongst several patrons. Then the cops came. I'm not sure why the cops were involved. Either way, this was a distraction.
I went to see Drag Me to hell with 4 other people in a crowded stadium style theater down south. This is easily one of the scariest films I've seen. Sam Raimi finally made a high budget version of his creeping spectral visions. Being a fan from way back I appreciate this very much. I wasnt a huge spiderman fan. But the money has served him well.
Seeing a movie in a crowded theater is better than it use to be. I've seen more movies this summer since 86. The heatwave made something click.
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