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Hot Pockets Revisited

You know you've been working somewhere for too long when this subject comes up again.
Same people: Activities director(joan), head of Houskeeping(patty), and myself(not speaking)all sitting in the dining room during lunch.
Joan: oh I meant to tell you (speaking to no one specifically), my dog, the other night when i cooking these hot pockets, I put the hot pockets on a plate, walk out of the room, come back, one of the hot pockets is gone and i like where the hell did my hot pocket go, damn dog! so i go look under the bed where he goes when he steals food and he's eating my hot pocket but it's too hot and he's burning his tongue. Damn dog!
Patty: I don't eat hot pockets so much anymore
Joan: yeah, a lot of salt. fat.
Patty: I use to eat the hell out of them. Everyday.
Joan: I eat them before i go to bed. Pepperoni hot pockets.
Patty: before you go to bed?
Joan: hell yeah.
Patty: I eat cereal before I go to bed.
Joan: what do you got against hot pockets?
Patty: i just told you!
Joan: yeah
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