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breif summary

lately, when I'm not missing work due to wildfire-related respiratory illness, my duties at work have consisted of the following, summed up by this pseudo conversation:
boss: move that furniture from this room to that room
me: ok
boss: what the hell are you doing?
me: I'm doing what you told me to do.
boss: well, things have changed, moved that furniture from that room you just moved it to to this other room.
me: ok
boss: ok there's been a change of plans. move all that furniture to this other room and leave it for salvation army.
me: ok
boss: ok salvation army doesn't want this totally fucked up furniture so, uh, you know that room this furniture was originally in? well, move it all back there.
me: uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhok yr the boss right?
boss: damn right im the boss.
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